Hot Club of Cowtown

Alts Schlachthuus, Laufen
Tuesday, 06 June

Hailing from Austin, Texas, this trio has always blended Western Swing and gypsy jazz. In 2011, Hot Club of Cowtown commemorated Bob Wills, their great musical role model and inventor of Western Swing, with the album "What Makes Bob Holler." In the 30's and 40's of the last century Wills mixed the then-popular version of jazzswing with country music and thus created Western Swing; he subsequently became the undisputed king of this music genre. Check out the unique sound of America's premiere hot jazz and Western Swing trio at, and be sure to catch this whirlwind journey in neighboring Laufen.
Tickets are CHF 50.


Kulturzentrum Alts Schlachthuus,
Seidenweg 55
4242 Laufen

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