Igor Stravinsky — Histoire du Soldat

Don Bosco Basel

Power or love? Money or music? The music theater piece “Histoire du Soldat” (History of the soldier) by Igor Stravinsky deals with questions that are still highly topical in the 21st century. The Belarusian conductor and organist Maryna Schmiedlin-Pinchukova wants to bring this work into a new light on stage in Basel.
The story is about a soldier who meets a mysterious devil during World War I and makes a pact with him. The soldier sells his violin to the devil in exchange for a book that promises him wealth and knowledge. But over time, the soldier realizes that the pact with the devil has serious consequences. He loses his home, his love, and his identity. Nevertheless, the soldier manages to outsmart the devil and regain his freedom. The story of “Histoire du Soldier” addresses the fight between good and evil, the loss of humanity in war, and the search for true happiness.
Together with seven young, talented musicians and an actor, Schmiedlin-Pinchukova brings the humorous fairy tale to life. With the small cast and in its reduced form, the work leaves the audience plenty of space for their own philosophizing and dreaming.
Entrance is free but there will be a collection.


Don Bosco Basel
Waldenburgerstrasse 34
4052 Basel

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