Introducing reVyven—”mein Baum dein Baum”

Saturday, 16 September

Come to this exciting in-person forum where you can discover the new environmental organization reVyven, the Basel forum where environmental ideas come to life. You can also meet the dedicated team from “mein Baum dein Baum” (my tree your tree), a local non-profit group whose core mission is to plant more trees along public streets in Basel ( Learn how the organization got started, how they are progressing, and where they plan to go in the future. You can also learn about sustainable living and the power of creating a vibrant urban landscape. In a changing climate, city trees provide shade, absorb pollution and noise, add beauty, and improve the health of residents.
This event is aimed at people who are passionate about the environment; who believe that a single person, or a group, has the ability to impart positive change; who enjoy meeting new people in the community; and who would like to share their thoughts and ideas. Hosts and speakers this morning include Melinda and Robert Shoutens, co-founders of reVyven, as well as mein Baum dein Baum members Sara Ellenberger Vaner (architect), Amanda Frantzen (landscape architect and gardener), and Emma Thomas (landscape architect and urbanist).
This open forum encourages interaction; it will likely not be enjoyable for children 15 and under. Light refreshments will be served.
This event is free and open to the public; however, space is very limited. To secure your ticket, you must register through Eventbrite at


Im Lohnhof 8
4051 Basel

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