Irish Folk Festival

Volkshaus Basel
Saturday, 28 October

The Irish Folk Festival is celebrating 50 years! It has given countless artists a platform and has even occasionally been a springboard for great careers. This year, the audience will be sent on a journey back in time, where old legends come to life again. But there are also three young fresh acts on stage, celebrating their "living the dream" sound of today.
The 2023 festival will feature three authentic Irish folk formations: the singer/songwriter extraordinaire from Belfast, Cathal Murphy; Briste, four young Northern Irish ladies who stand for sophisticated vocal arrangements and lightning-fast instrumentals; and Dallahan, the dark horsemen of tradition, who with their banjo, fiddle, accordion, and guitar are alive and kicking. A multivision experience will help reel back the 50 years, and last but not least, the festival session will come to a harmonious end with all the formations on the stage.
The audience doesn’t just come because they want to listen to exciting music from Ireland but also to meet like-minded people at the festival. Many friendships have developed through the festival, between musicians and fans, musicians and musicians, the makers of the festival and the fans, but also among fans. “Come as a visitor—leave as a friend” is also an apt description of the feeling with which one leaves the Emerald Isle after a holiday in Ireland.
Tickets are CHF 59.10–79.40


Volkshaus Basel
Rebgasse 12-14
4058 Basel

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