Jewels Basel 2024 — The Art Jewelry Show

Wildt'sches Haus
Mon 10.06. | Tue 11.06. | Wed 12.06. | Thu 13.06. | Fri 14.06.

The exhibition “Jewels Basel” started in March 2018 on a small scale in the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois. It continues to be a growing success story, returning this year at the Wildt’sches Haus, which will offer a most elegant setting with its imposing halls and spacious rooms. The Baroque villa is situated very centrally in the picturesque heart of Basel and is a popular location. “Jewels Basel” showcases carefully selected art and designer jewels and is known for its exceptional creations and the beauty of the show. It’s a celebration of the finest craftsmanship, innovative design, and rarest and finest gems. For the second year, Jewels Basel will be opening its showcase to galleries and artists in addition to a wonderful collaboration with the VOLTA Art Fair. Visit their website to learn more about the designers and their artful pieces.


Wildt'sches Haus
Petersplatz 13
4051 Basel

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