Johnethen Fuchs

The Auld Dubliner
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In addition to a broad field of musical expression, vulnerability, a natural performance, and open-hearted communication Johnethen Fuchs appears approachable, empathetic, and lively. With his content and composition, the Brit rocker who now lives in the beautiful town of Horgen (ZH), ventures into ever deeper depths. Located between folk, pop, and indie, the songs are partly euphoric, partly melancholic. His voice falls out of the genre's typical framework—voluminous blues vocals, tender-soft falsetto, or snotty, raw rock tube—and the surprisingly versatile singing penetrates the often autobiographical songs with dedication.
The concept of the current (third) album 'Enlightened Visions' is about the feeling of alienation combined with the urge to break out of familiar worlds. Various key moments, such as isolation, conflict, reflection, and reorientation are exemplified in the songs. The music should provide points of reference and connection.


The Auld Dubliner
Clarastrasse 34
4058 Basel

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