Jugend Circus Basilisk

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The Jugend Circus Basilisk is a circus school for young Basel acrobats ages 7-17 who train several times per week. Each summer, they put on an end-of-year show in which the around 45 students can show off their talents. For their 55th-year show, they will present a program in a tent at Rosentalanlage, next to the Messeplatz. So why not take the family and support the efforts of Basel’s future circus stars?
Showtimes vary depending on day of the week; check their website for details (https://www.circusbasilisk.ch/aktuelle-tournee/preise-und-reservation/tickets-basel/). Tickets can be reserved for a fee of CHF 5, which does not cover expenses. A further contribution is appreciated; proposed contribution is CHF 10 per person or CHF 30 per family.


Rosentalstrasse 9
4058 Basel

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