Kammerorchester Basel — Chaos Under the Sky

Don Bosco Basel
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“What a mess this is!”  This sentence is repeated often in everyday family life. In an educational project of the Kammerorchester Basel, "Basel gyygt," and the band Cell of Hell, 30 children work together with the director Selina Thüring on the myths of chaos and order.
Around the work "Les Éléments" by the baroque composer Jean-Féry Rebel, participants playfully work on the music, which chaotically superimposes all tones, in workshops with violin, viola, cello, and double bass. How does that sound? Like a construction site, the SBB train station, a messy room, fireworks, a jungle, the origin of Earth, a dream, or a fight?
Thirteen musical, scenic, and choreographic workshops will explore, and together with the children develop, the subjects of chaos and order. In this music education project, a group of people from the most diverse cultural backgrounds come together and try to approach an intergenerational music theater between baroque and popular music, between individual language and movement, between sound and supposed disharmony, seeking to find an answer to the worldly disorder, the "chaos under the sky."
Tickets are CHF 20 for adults, CHF 10 for kids up to age 16, and CHF 35 for families of two adults and two children.
Don Bosco, Basel


Don Bosco Basel
Waldenburgerstrasse 34
4052 Basel

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