Kammerorchester Basel — Gestrichen (Stroked)

Don Bosco Basel
© sandro isler, matthias müller
Wednesday, 27 September

Stroked and hammered—this concert by the Kammerorchester Basel presents sound opulence of a different kind, because the wind and brass instruments are taking a break!
In his early 50s, Johann Sebastian Bach began work that he had planned for a long time and wrote down the cycle of his harpsichord concertos in a single score. There is a simple reason why he incorporates sensational “clavieristic” effects, corrects, adds, and changes what he still doesn’t think is brilliant about the harpsichord part—none of the concertos was originally conceived for harpsichord; they are all recycled products from earlier violin or oboe concertos.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Piano Concerto also comes without wind instruments. He composed it for a student and entered it as number 1 in his "List of All My Works." For the first time he is pursuing a new concept here: the piano, but also the various instruments of the orchestra, are individuals who perform a play like actors. There are always surprises and sometimes a side issue bursts in like an uninvited guest.
Gloom and bitterness characterize the orchestral version of Dmitri Shostakovich's touching String Quartet No. 8, dedicated to all the victims of war. And another facet of music without wind and brass instruments is found in Ralph Vaughan Williams' first major success, Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis, a powerful update of very early 16th-century English music.
Tickets are CHF 20-80 for adults and half price for youths and students.


Don Bosco Basel
Waldenburgerstrasse 34
4052 Basel

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