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Saturday, 18 February

"He's full of ideas. He writes, composes incredibly seriously and is very diligent. This is his life, his air." This is how colleagues describe Turkish pianist Fazil Say briefly and aptly. He joins a tradition that has almost been lost: Like Mozart, Chopin, and many others before him, he composes for his own instrument and likes to combine classical music with the Orient. He often finds inspiration in his Turkish homeland, such as in “Yürüyen Köşk,” (The moved house) a homage to Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey, who is shown here as a nature lover because he once had a house moved several meters to save a plane tree. Say shows other facets of his ability while Shostakovich’s Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 2 in F major: sky-high to tender (in the incredibly intimate, slow movement). Rounding out the program are Mozart’s Symphony No. 24 in B flat major and Symphony 25 in G minor, which he wrote when he was 17 years old and the archbishop's concert master in Salzburg.
Tickets are CHF 30-90, half price for students and youths.


Stadtcasino Basel
Konzertgasse 1
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