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Thursday, 15 February

On this evening, the Kammerorchester Basel (Chamber Orchestra) presents a program with works by György Ligety and Gustav Mahler. If anyone could make the new music palatable, it was Ligeti. In his Violin Concerto, he draws from the full range of instruments. He uses an orchestra of only 25, but it has it all—millennia-old ocarinas, Asian lotus flutes, and lots of percussion. The music borrows forms from the medieval Notre Dame school, savors Renaissance and Baroque musical phrases, and bathes in Javanese harmony or Hungarian and Bulgarian folklore. With novel sound effects outside the Western tonal system and intricate rhythms, this concert is a puzzle that is as virtuoso as it is lively. Just as the arias from “Le Grand Macabre” are a striking example of how Ligeti, who was born 100 years ago, is one of the most fascinating composers of all time.
With Gustav Mahler, the sky is full of violins. His Symphony No. 4 in a new orchestration by Nicolas Bolens is also on the program. It reminds us that the power of a music also lies in its ability to look excellent in different clothes, or even more, that these different clothes emphasize different character traits, show what is apparently familiar in a new light...
Tickets are CHF 30-90 for adults and half price for students.


Stadtcasino Basel
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