Kinderfasnacht (Children’s Fasnacht)

Various Locations
Tuesday, 20 February

On Tuesday afternoon, the city center is being taken over by a smaller, less organized Fasnacht parade in which also many children participate (children generally do not participate in the Cortège on Monday and Wednesday). Small and large groups of children and adults, with or without carts or wagons, wander through the streets, often also playing their instruments.
This is also the only day on which children among the spectators can dress up in their favorite costumes. It is a fun event, especially for kids, because it is not as crowded as the Cortège, and especially in the early afternoon you often get to see the faces underneath the masks while groups are assembling, having a drink, and enjoying a chat before setting out on their stroll in full costume. And there is still plenty of confetti and candy being distributed!


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