La Vie on Rose — Chansons in a Different Way

Fauteuil Theater / Tabourettli

Prepared for love from head to toe, the singer and pianist Jennifer Ribeiro Rudin is touring through Switzerland with her first solo program "La Vie en Rose," with one stop at the Tabourettli in her hometown of Basel. Always on the trail of this one big feeling, she moves quickly through different languages and styles and mixes up 100 years of chanson history. Flowingly connected by amusing anecdotes, notorious classical chansons nestle against surprisingly different melodies with and without vocals. Sometimes poetically gentle, wistful, or choking on tears, and then frivolous, cheeky, and witty—the colorful potpourri promises an evening of emotions.
Ribeiro Rudin studied in Basel; continued her education in Munich, Zürich, Milan, and New York; and feels at home on different stages, from musical theater to classical choral concerts. In her solo program she shows her affinity for text-sensitive interpretations—and as a literary scholar with French roots she is herself.
Tickets are CHF 25-39.


Theater Fauteuil / Tabourettli
Spalenberg 12
4051 Basel

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