Lange Nacht der Music (Long Night of Music)

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Saturday, 08 June

This long night of music in Kaiseraugst is a music festival that offers different styles of music on stage in one event—from pop to reggae and soul, singer-songwriter acts to classical, folk music to choirs. With over 40 formations on 13 indoor and outdoor stages, there is something for every taste!
The large Leue stage will feature the main act, Dodo. Good vibes are guaranteed and the audience can look forward to a great musician and entertainer. Schwellheim will also provide hot sound on this stage and heat up the atmosphere as local heroes.
On the Sunne stage, Heinz Flückiger and his band The Cool Bunch are a highlight for all country fans. They live country in all its facets! Riana—named "SRF3 Best Talent" in December—also presents her songs with memorable lyrics in the Appenzell dialect. Jane in Flames exudes a different character with her indie pop tracks and impresses with her unique voice and charisma.
The cozy Musik-Schüre is for those who prefer something a little quieter; it is a stage for the great voices of various singer-songwriters. The stage on the Rhein ferry also offers calm sounds from the various genres of Swiss folk music, dialect folk, and indie pop in a romantic sunset atmosphere.
There also will be a classical stage where various formations from the music school, the pianist Gloria de Piante Vicin, and the formations Generall5 and Due col Legno will enchant classical music fans.
Impressive choir sounds can be expected on the choir stage. In addition to local choirs, you can look forward to the rousing stage presence of the Cantuccini group and be inspired by the fresh, modern a cappella singing of Klangtastisch.
The Park stage is rustic and traditional. Ländler music, dialect folk from Dampfbühler, and alphorn sounds are presented before the Bluesbuebe really heat things up again with their rousing sound.
The Jazz stage offers rhythmic sounds with the best panorama near the banks of the Rhein. Earthy blues rock from Rusty Blues mixes with the sounds of Redfield.
In the Tonhalle, there will be a musical exchange starting in the afternoon. Various music clubs show off their skills in a brass music competition in which the audience can also have a say.
There is also a program for the little guests on the children’s stage in the afternoon.
Tickets are CHF 30 for ages 16 and up. CHF 20 for students, and CHF 10 for kids ages 6-15; discounts are available for tickets purchased before May 18.


Gemeindeverwaltung Kaiseraugst
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