Learn About Fasnacht

13:00-17:00 | 11:00-16:30

If your kids (or you) were fascinated by Fasnacht and would like to get a closer look at what it would take to be a Fasnacht participant, be sure to join in “Die 1. Lektion” (the first lesson). This event traditionally takes place on the Friday and Saturday immediately following the Fasnacht. Children and their parents are invited to come to Barfüsserplatz to learn all about the tradition of Fasnacht and to try out the traditional piccolo flutes and/or drums, hence the name, “Die 1. Lektion.” Under expert guidance, children and young people can elicit their first sounds from the piccolo or drum (on a "Böggli," the practice device for drumming) and get a whiff of carnival air. The creative part of the carnival, handicrafts, painting, and creating, will be demonstrated hands on. Active carnival members from various Cliques will be on hand to explain everything to children and parents and answer their questions. Adults who would like to join a Clique are also welcome!
Participation is free of charge!


4051 Basel

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