Lehrstellen Börse (Apprenticeship Fair)

Online event

If your child is thinking about doing an apprenticeship in one of the many well-respected trades in Switzerland, this fair, which takes place every year, helps young people to find out what is available this August. The Lehrstellen Börse (Apprenticeship Fair) is a platform that allows direct contact between apprenticeship seekers and businesses that look for apprentices. Companies that still have one or more slots available for this year will be available to talk to interested applicants.
This fair normally takes place in person; however, due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s edition will once again take place online from 13:00–17:00 on February 16 and May 11.
This is how it works: Youths looking for an apprenticeship position for the summer of 2022 should go online and find out which companies will be participating in their field of interest. The list of companies that still have positions open and will be participating in the upcoming fairs are announced online via the homepage of the Basel-Stadt trades association (https://gewerbe-basel.ch). Interested applicants should then go to the website and book an online appointment with the desired company/companies; to participate in one of these online fair dates, you must register for it on their website up until the Thursday before the appointment date. You can choose between two appointment slots, 13:00–15:00 or 15:00–17:00, and calls are offered every 15 minutes per time slot. You will be sent an email confirming your time slot; be sure to also check your spam/junk email folder regularly! You will also receive a reminder SMS, including a Zoom link, one hour before the call. Your discussion with potential vocational trainer(s) will then be conducted via PC, tablet, or smartphone on the agreed date and time. At this time, documents such as applications, resumés, or results of aptitude tests can also be exchanged electronically.
Youths interested in participating should also download the “Checkliste” as well as “ZOOMGUIDELINES und TIPPS & TRICKS” for a successful meeting. There, you will find important information about how to best prepare materials and documents, how to dress for the interview, questions to prepare for the vocational trainer and their company, as well as tips for optimal conduct (eg, be polite, motivated, and address your interviewer by their last name). On the day of the event, starting at 11:30, you can also take part in a Zoom training course for apprenticeship seekers to get last-minute tips and tricks for your afternoon interviews. The Lehrstellen Börse is organized by the Basel-Stadt trades association in cooperation with the Basel-Stadt vocational counseling service and the secondary schools and vocational training of canton Basel-Stadt. You can find out more about the online Apprenticeship Fair 2022 and register on their website.


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