Lehrstellenbörse Basel (Apprenticeship Fair)

Messe Basel

The Lehrstellenbörse (Apprenticeship Fair) is a platform that allows direct contact between apprenticeship seekers and vocational trainers. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the many well-respected trades in Switzerland in which they can do an apprenticeship, ask question, perform hands-on tasks to peak their interest, and much more. If your child is planning to start an apprenticeship next semester, here is an opportunity to learn what is available starting in summer 2024. Companies that still have one or more apprenticeships available for summer 2024 will be present at the fair to talk to interested applicants. Applicants can meet with company representatives and discuss what is being offered by the respective companies and make arrangements for future interviews, trial weeks, and/or other next steps. After this initial contact, the individual recruiting process with the respective training company can begin; no apprenticeships will be granted on the spot. The companies that will be present at the fair, and the apprenticeships that are still available can be viewed at https://gewerbe-basel.ch/ausbildungsbetriebe/.
Apprenticeship seekers who have yet to find a suitable apprenticeship for summer 2024 should prepare for the event as if they are going to an interview (eg, nicely dressed, with prepared questions, and with multiple copies of a completed application dossier or a digital version ready for online delivery). This could include a CV, school reports or certificates, and aptitude test results, if you have them. Aptitude test such as Multicheck, Basic-Check, Check-S2/S3 with a comparison of the requirements profile of the respective apprenticeship can be found at www.check-dein-wissen.ch.
The Lehrstellen Börse is organized by the Gewerbeverband Basel-Stadt (trades association) in cooperation with the Basel-Stadt vocational counseling service and the secondary schools and vocational training of the Canton of Basel-Stadt.
Admission is free and no registration is required.


Messe Basel
Messeplatz 10
4005 Basel

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