Lisette Spinnler Duo & Eva Klesse Quartet

Museum Tinguely
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Tuesday, 12 September

Offbeat will be celebrating their season opening with a double header concert entitled “Women First,” with the Lisette Spinnler Duo at 19:30 and the Eva Klesse Quartet at 21:00.
Lisette Spinnler and Christoph Stiefel have been playing as a duo since 2008. Their music is characterized by a voice that occasionally mutates into a trumpet; an accentuated and lyrically played piano with finely prepared strings here and there; and a completely introspective, almost consistently slow, thoughtful, extremely intimate and fragile music that is haunting, tender, and at the same time deeply touching. The great intimacy and fragility of the dialogue that Spinnler and Stiefel have been engaging in for years, the freedom of expression, the simplicity and the charisma: therein lies the richness and power, the beauty, the charm and ultimately the secret of their music.
Songs without words go straight to the heart precisely because they define little. Whether it grooves; sets accents; increases energy; or tells stories in a springy, tender or powerful way, drummer Eva Klesse's rhythmic and compositional handwriting is recognizable after just a few notes. The music is characterized by a warm atmosphere, with a lot of freedom for the excellent band. The puristic and at the same time self-confident way with which Klesse holds together the music of her extended quartet reflects her clear attitude. Klesse is a pioneer who caused a stir five years ago as Germany's first female instrumental professor in Hanover.
This double concert, which will be played indoors at the Museum Tinguely starting at 19:30, will be preceded by a free concert (Brass Battle) outside at the museum’s entrance. Starting at 18:15, two brass bands—Street Bandits & Brass Department—will be performing to an enthusiastic audience; no tickets are necessary for this pre-concert brass battle.
Tickets for the indoor “Women First” concert are CHF 46.30-66.70.


Museum Tinguely
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