Louis Jucker

Parterre One
Friday, 24 March

Louis Jucker is a singer-songwriter and DIY activist from La Chaux-de-Fonds, CH. His touching and quirky songs are brewed with dazzling honesty and heavy heartbeats. His numerous albums and EP's have all been released on Hummus Records, a hyperactive Swiss DIY label he co-founded with Jona Nido, his longtime colleague from the punk band Coilguns. Jucker is involved in all aspects of his scene, producing records, events, and festivals and recording his music and that of his label mates on various lo-fi gear.
“Something Went Wrong” is Jucker's most comprehensive work to date. Simple and direct folk and rock songs, played with an unchanged love for lo-fi sounds, by an artist who over the years has become a unique and prolific figure in the Swiss alternative music scene. It’s a self-portrait in 10 songs to face one's own aging with humility, as shown in the bittersweet self-directed video "31 Years of Waiting for This." The release of this new album will also be the right occasion for a luxurious and handmade re-release of his early song catalog, including his first and rare album “Eight Orphan Songs” (2013).
A concert with Jucker always offers something special—self-built instruments, unusual stage setups, and performative installations, with the only goal to share boundless emotions and general craziness with his audience. The Basel public will have the opportunity to catch him live at the Parterre One.
Tickets are CHF 25 in advance and CHF 30 at the door.


Parterre One
Klybeckstrasse 1b
4057 Basel

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