Magic—The Amazing and Amusing Magrée

Häbse Theater
Sunday, 18 December

Master magician Magrée knows very well how to inspire huge audiences of amazed people, but he also enjoys the close contact with his audience. Experience the likeable and humorous master magician with his brand new, absolutely unbelievable illusions and dexterities! Be fascinated by how Magrée enables people to achieve fantastic top performances through suggestion and motivation. Be amazed when knows the winning lottery numbers the day before and learn how to easily find the right piece from 1,000 puzzle pieces. The brand new illusion "Magic Quiz" will literally "knock your socks off..." Join in the magic of intuition with all the guests in the hall and experience an unbelievable surprise in your own hands. You'll be amazed at the ring tones Magrée can elicit from the audience on any iPhone or be an incredulous witness when he lets a randomly selected guest float freely in the air as the highlight. And dream with your fellow audience members when it suddenly snows as if by magic...
With a live camera you are always up close and personal with the new show—only to see exactly that you don't "see" anything after all... Magrée’s stylish and cheerful interactions with all his guests makes the new show uniquely exciting, rousing, and unforgettable for all visitors!
Tickets are CHF 63.


Häbse Theater
Klingentalstrasse 79
4005 Basel

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