Malandain Ballet Biarritz

Burghof Lörrach
© olivier houeix
Tuesday, 27 February

In Biarritz on the French Atlantic coast, the Frenchman Thierry Malandain has set up a ballet company that is characterized by sophistication and an unerring sense of beauty and grace. In a three-part evening, the troupe gives a comprehensive demonstration of their skills. Set to Chopin's elegant and poetic music, “Nocturnes” begins with a reflection on the finitude of human existence—a kind of modern dance of death. In “Mozart à 2,” the focus is on this world and internal and external processes in the couple relationship are examined. Finally, Ravel's “Boléro”, which we today perceive primarily as a concert piece, regains its original function as ballet music and forms the basis for a choreographic exploration of how a group of people can rise above a state of limitation.
Tickets are € 35-56.


Burghof Lörrach
Herrenstrasse 5
79539 Lörrach

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