Marina Adams — To a World Full of Others

von Bartha
Ongoing Event
© marina adams, "somewhere over the rainbow," 2023
Tue., 11 June until Sat., 27 July

Marina Adams will transform the whole von Bartha gallery in Basel into a monumental presentation, with all new works. She is known for her dynamic, abstract works that explore color, form, and movement, featuring vibrantly interlocking shapes and lines. Often large in scale, Adams’s practice draws inspiration from various subjects, including architecture, ceramics, and textiles, from the richly patterned rugs of Morocco to the Moorish tiles found in the Alhambra Palace in Spain. Adams’ practice is notable for its skillful use of form to create a sense of movement and rhythm in her work. There will be a public opening of the exhibition on Tuesday, June 11, from 18:00-21:00.


von Bartha
Kannenfeldplatz 6
4056 Basel