Metropolitan Mountain Top Celebration!

Don Bosco Basel
© metropolitan flute orchestra
Wednesday, 17 July

The Metropolitan Flute Orchestra, directed by Paige Dashner Long, is comprised of highly trained, advanced flutists. The ensemble has performed for prestigious events in New England and throughout the United States, as well as presented concert tours in many European countries. From classical and sacred literature to jazz, folk songs, and show tunes, the ensemble has been delighting audiences since 1998. Concert repertoire is crafted to include music from the country where the orchestra is touring. On tour, with a six-octave pitch range, the Metropolitan Flute Orchestra utilizes piccolo, Eb soprano flute, concert flute, Bb flute d'amour, alto flute, bass flute, and contrabass flute. In addition, when performing in the United States, the ensemble also uses sub contrabass flute and double contrabass flute, extending the range to an amazing seven octaves. They have been featured on various TV and news broadcasts and also have performed live in Times Square, New York City.


Don Bosco Basel
Waldenburgerstrasse 34
4052 Basel

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