Mika Rottenberg — Antimatter Factory

Museum Tinguely
Ongoing Event
© mika rottenberg
Wed., 05 June until Sun., 03 November

In one of the most comprehensive exhibitions of her work to date, Museum Tinguely offers a survey of Mika Rottenberg’s diverse oeuvre. In surprising and playful ways, her videos reflect absurd situations shaped by the logic of capitalist production. With their painterly riots of color, they address all of our senses, bridging the gap between continents and dimensions with ease and with tongue in cheek. As well as key video works and installations made between 2003 and 2019, the show includes her feature film “Remote” (2022). A specially made fountain sculpture in the park outside the museum will be unveiled, and there are new, hybrid sculptures made of organic materials and recycled plastic. Kinetic works, some of them interactive, complete this overview.
The exhibition takes its title from a research department at CERN in Geneva that conducts experiments into antimatter. Rottenberg’s time there as artist-in-residence provided the inspiration for her work “Spaghetti Blockchain” (2019-2024), which will be shown for the first time as a three-channel video installation during the exhibition. It addresses the exchange of energies, objects, and people, combining the microscopic with the macroscopic and shifting matter through time and space as if by magic. Here, the visitor is already at the heart of Rottenberg’s artistic universe.


Museum Tinguely
Paul Sacher-Anlage 2
4002 Basel

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