Model Ship Club Event

12:00-17:00 | 10:00-17:00

On this weekend, Basel’s Model Shipbuilding Club (MSCB) will be organizing an event where model makers will proudly exhibit and comment on their self-made models in a professional and interesting way. In the large basin of the Gartenbad Eglisee “Fraueli” (the women’s section of the outdoor pool at Eglisee), model ship enthusiasts and their families will be enchanted by models from various sectors, such as steam, original replicas, sailing ships of Swiss World Cup participants, and everything that can float. Kids can don a captain’s hat as they steer their boats and even get a captain’s diploma to take home. There will also be a ship ball game, submarines, model fire brigade demonstrations on water and land, a truck diorama, and model trains on small-scale rails. The models will range from very small to very large, from simple modular models to sophisticated original replicas with many special features.
Admission is to the event is free. If you own a remote-controlled model ship, log in on their website and bring it with you for a weekend dedicated to the world of model making.


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