Molly Hatchet

Z7 Konzertfabrik
Wednesday, 14 December

They are one of the last remaining members of the old southern rock guard—Molly Hatchet, founded in Florida's industrial metropolis of Jacksonville in 1975, have been a staple on festival and club stages around the world for over four and a half decades and continue to celebrate their southern rock unbridled energy. A few years after her last appearance at the Z7, Molly Hatchet are back with us to perform classics such as "Whiskey Man," "Bounty Hunter," "Gator Country," "Fall of the Peacemakers," "Devil's Canyon," " Beatin’ the Odds," and "Flirtin With Disaster." These timeless songs will make any southern rock lover click their tongues.
Tickets are CHF 44.50.


Z7 Konzertfabrik
Kraftwerkstrasse 7
4133 Pratteln

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