Mondrian Ensemble—10 Pieces to Destroy any Party

Gare du Nord
© markus sepperer
Tuesday, 03 May

Mauricio Kagel's oeuvre is full of surprising, unexpectedly radical twists and turns quite a few things in recent music history upside down. The reference to the music of the past, to a wide variety of musical genres, to the most diverse types of "trivial music," as well as to television, radio, pop, and jazz form an important element of his work. In their many years of dealing with Kagel's music, the Mondrian Ensemble has found that it does not leave even the greatest skeptics of New Music untouched. The ambiguity, the humor, the talent for alienation, and the wide-ranging stylistic interest inherent in Kagel's work also characterizes the works of Alexandre Kordzaia and Cathy van Eck that are also on the program. In addition, the rarely played string trio by Bernd A. Zimmermann will be heard, whose pluralistic sound compositions are characterized by the combination and superimposition of musical layers from different times and different origins (medieval music, baroque, and classical to jazz and pop songs).
Tickets are CHF 30, CHF 15 for students and KulturLegi holders, and CHF 10 for colourkey holders.


Gare du Nord
Schwarzwaldallee 200
4058 Basel

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