Mondrian Ensemble — Flow my Tears

Gare du Nord
© markus sepperer
Monday, 12 December

This program will illuminate the search for traces in the history of music and what still urges expression in musical atavisms. The Mondrian Ensemble has put together a program that makes cross-connections, preferences, and passions of composers audible and opens up insights into the history of musical craft. Roland Moser, whose compositions are often based on historical genres or individual works, has written a paraphrase to the Adagio KV 7 by the 7-year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Benjamin Britten was fascinated by the old English songs and refers in his composition “Lachrymae” to the songs “Flow my Tears” and “If my Complaints Could Passions Move” by John Dowland. Martin Jaggi, who studied with Detlev Müller-Siemens in Basel, often goes on a different kind of search for traces in his compositional work and finds his inspiration in nature, archaeology, the history of civilization, and ethnology.
Tickets are CHF 15-35, CHF 10 for holders of Colourkey, and free for kids under age 12.


Gare du Nord
Schwarzwaldallee 200
4058 Basel

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