Mondrian Ensemble — Schattenfarbe (Shadow Color)

Gare du Nord
Monday, 04 December

With “Schattenfarbe,” the Mondrian Ensemble presents a program that is intense in its energy but nuanced and structured in its spatiality and musicality. The Austrian composer Wolfram Schurig will compose a new piano quartet for the Mondrian Ensemble that—in contrast to the majority of his recent works—dispenses with any extra-musical reference: autonomous music in the radical sense.
The composer writes about his new work: “Here there are pitches, intervals, durations, rhythms, timbres, as well as control processes—or let's call them rules in simplified terms—that relate the musical elements to each other and bring them into flow. The aim is the autonomy of the musical work of art as a living being that is capable of establishing communication with its counterpart by its own power. The composer is part of, not the creator of, this living system.”
Tickets are CHF 15-35, CHF 10 for holders of Colourkey, and free for kids under age 12.


Gare du Nord
Schwarzwaldallee 200
4058 Basel

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