Morning Sunrise Trip on the Ferry

St. Alban Fähre "Wilde Maa"

The very popular Flâneur Morning ferry "Wild Maa" is back on the program again this year (Morge Fähri in dr Dalbe). Until August 31, early risers are treated to a particularly beautiful and relaxing morning trip across the Rhein, with coffee and croissant from Confiserie Bachmann at sunrise.
Every Thursday between 6:00-7:30 in the morning—when the air is still fresh and clear, when the Roche towers are silently reflected in the smooth river water and the first rays of sunshine climb over the Dinkelberg, when many people are still in their beds—all are welcome on the "Wild Maa" ferry in St. Alban to rediscover the magic of Basel at dawn, from the perspective of the Rhein.
Look forward to a special start to the day, to gliding gently and silently across the river as you watch the city awaken. If the demand is high, passengers will be restricted to two crossings, so that as many people as possible can benefit from the experience. Be sure to bring your camera!
Note that the ferry cannot operate at high tide or at low tide with a strong westerly wind. In such case, you can enjoy coffee and croissants in the moored ferry on the Grossbasel side. This will be communicated by the Flâneur Festival on Twitter the evening before:
These ferry trips are free of charge!


St. Alban Fähre "Wilde Maa"
St. Alban Rheinweg
4052 Basel

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