Music Box for Kids

Musik-Akademie Basel

The Musik-Akademie Basel offers a unique media library for children and adolescents on the topic of music, the Musikbox. On certain Wednesdays, they also present a program for kids and adolescents entitled “Musik aus der Box” (Music from the Box). These mini-concerts performed by members of the Musik-Akademie Basel are held at 15:30 in the Vera Oeri-Bibliothek, the beautiful library on the main campus of the music academy. This month’s event, entitled “Flotte Flöten” (nice flutes) is a concert by the flute ensemble Flautastico 1a, conducted by Pauline Tardy.
All are welcome, and entrance is free.


Musik-Akademie Basel
Leonhardsstrasse 6
4051 Basel

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