Music Concert and Children’s Workshop

Museum Kleines Klingental
Sunday, 05 May

Begegnung mit Musik (Encounter with Music) is the name of this concert series that invites the public to enjoy a chamber music concert in a cozy setting at the Museum Kleines Klingental. Each concert is accompanied by a music workshop for children ages 4-12 and families. The children listen to the beginning of the concert, experience the sound of the chamber music, and then join a workshop for a playful approach to music and musical instruments.
In this concert, Ensemble Fiacorda will be presenting works by Luigi Cherubini, Camille Saint-Saëns, and Ludwig van Beethoven in a concert entitiled “Klangfarben und Gefühlswelten” (Sound Colors and Emotional Worlds).
Tickets are CHF 30 for adults (CHF 15 if accompanied by a child), free for kids up to age 18, and can be purchased from Bider & Tanner or by calling 061-206-9996.


Museum Kleines Klingental
Unterer Rheinweg 26
4058 Basel

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