Music Festival Hear&Now — Ludovic van Hellemont

Klavierwerkstatt Liestal
Friday, 03 February

For the 4th edition of the Hear&Now Music Festival, Liestal will once again resound with music from classic to jazz, ambient to rocky, and from soft to loud, presented at various venues around town.
At this concert, pianist Ludovic van Hellemont will play John Cage’s “Sonatas and Interludes for prepared piano.” Between the strings of the grand piano there are screws and bolts, erasers, and pieces of plastic. It shimmers, buzzes, and clangs. Sometimes you can hear the sound of a harp or of an entire gamelan orchestra. In fact, Cage originally intended to write music for percussion ensembles. But due to chronic lack of money, he came up with an ingenious trick and wrote music history. The prepared piano is omnipresent in new music today, but is often only used as an effect or coloration. The “Sonatas and Interludes for prepared piano,” on the other hand, are much more—a huge narrative, a cosmos of sound, and a transcendental experience.
Tickets are available at the evening box office, normally half an hour before concert start.


Klavierwerkstatt Liestal
Benzburweg 28
4410 Liestal

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