Music Festival Hear&Now — Nørn

Kulturscheune Liestal
Saturday, 04 February

For the 4th edition of the Hear&Now Music Festival, Liestal will once again resound with music from classic to jazz, ambient to rocky, and from soft to loud, presented at various venues around town.
For the music of the vocal trio Nørn, Anne-Sylvie Casagrande has created a fantasy language—"Nørnik," a strange mixture of unknown words that tell of an inner image of the far North and are interwoven with an organic, unusual, and contrasting music. The wild sounds seem strangely familiar, like echoes of tribal rites of a forgotten time and forgotten tribes. The musical program "Fridj" contains interpolations in the form of poetic texts in everyday language that were conceived by the trio. Some of them are serious, others are funny, and others are and remain mysterious. These texts open possible ways for the listeners to enter the imaginary world of Nørn.
Tickets are available at the evening box office, normally half an hour before concert start.


Kasernenstrasse 21A
4410 Liestal

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