Musical Family Puppet Theater — Allotria, Allotria!

Musikschule Riehen
Sunday, 04 February
11:00-12:00 & 14:30-15:30

Two mice, Bintje and Allotria, have to escape—Bintje from the eagle owl, Allotria from the pet shop. They find refuge with the hermit Willibald. He has had enough of people and lives in the forest. Now he has two mice and is less lonely, but he is quite challenged because the two mice are jealous and argue, they hate each other and still love each other. But then an accident happens and messes everything up! A dramatic story about friendship, jealousy, and solidarity.
Tickets are CHF 17 for adults, CHF 12 for children, or CHF 12 and CHF 8 with the Familenpass.


Musikschule Riehen
Rössligasse 51
4125 Riehen

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