Mystery of Sound

Museum Tinguely
Sunday, 15 January

In the inspiring ambience of the Museum Tinguely, the Basel Sinfonietta explores mysterious aspects of music and sound, because the art of composing can also be considered as a kind of ceremony. In his orchestral work “Mystère de l'instant,” the French composer Henri Dutilleux intended to capture the mystery of the moment. Ten sequences represent a succession of snapshots, each focusing on one aspect of the sound material. The term "mystery" must be understood in its broadest sense. Through what kind of mystery in the creative process does an idea manage to manifest itself?
Louis Andriessen, a key figure in the contemporary art scene of the Netherlands, wrote his “Mysteriën” for the Concertgebouw Orchestra for its 125th anniversary. This was a sensation, because in 1969, Andriessen was one of a group of troublemakers who disrupted a concert by the orchestra due to the fact that they found its programming policy anti-modern and reactionary. Andriessen accepted the commission to compose, which had been put to him several times, only after he had a dream about his late father Hendrik, who had earlier himself composed works for the most important orchestra in the Netherlands. The concert will begin with a piece commissioned by the Basel Sinfonietta from the young, Basel-based Polish composer Anna Sowa, which aims to confront the live sound of certain orchestral instruments with electronics.
Tickets are CHF 33-75 for adults, CHF 17-38 for students, and CHF 5 for kids under age 12.


Museum Tinguely
Paul Sacher-Anlage 2
4002 Basel

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