National Day Brunch on the Farm

Various Locations
Thursday, 01 August

Many Swiss start National Day with a relaxing farm-fresh breakfast. More than 200 farms around Switzerland open their doors, inviting the public to come and enjoy a brunch consisting of their fresh breads, cereals, cheeses, fruits, meats, milk, and other fine products. Whether in the stable, in the barn or on the alp—the offerings are varied and individual. But one thing is the same everywhere—they offer extensive and beautifully prepared buffets with homemade and regional products in a unique farm atmosphere. It doesn't get more Swiss than that!
You can also visit the farms, buy their fresh products, and see first-hand just how much work goes into the making of the farm-fresh goods. This is a popular event, with over 150,000 visitors each year.
Cost is about CHF 25–40 per person. To make a reservation, go to their website then select a farm in the canton of your choice or click on “anmeldung” (registration) to search the various farms. Places are limited and reservations can be made by phone or by email directly to the farm of your choice until July 30.


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