naturMärt (Nature Market)

Dorfplatz Riehen
Saturday, 30 April

At the annual naturMärt in Riehen, you can buy local plants, herbs, seedlings, products, beautiful flower arrangements, and stone bird baths as well as receive lots of practical tips and advice on non-toxic gardening, composting, promotion of biodiversity around the house, rare garden birds, bird houses, and how to recover species in the garden. You can buy butterfly-friendly plants and even buy or build your own bee hotel.
The motto of this year’s market is “Wildtiere in der Siedlung—Wild bleibt wild” (Wild animals in the settlement—Wild stays wild). More and more wild animals are drawn to our villages and to the city. Foxes live in unused cellars, badgers feast on our compost heaps, crows wake us up in the morning with their unmelodic croaking and scatter our rubbish on the streets. As a result, conflicts often arise. Forest rangers and various nature conservation associations provide information on this through various stands at this market. Learn about ways you can help increase the biodiversity in your garden or on your balcony with native wildflowers, non-toxic gardening, and much more.
There will also be a gardening exchange corner, where you can exchange seedlings, seeds, gardening tools, or even just advice for free. They also offer a lunch of seasonal foods and a variety of activities for the children.


Dorfplatz Riehen
4125 Riehen

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