Neighborhood Flea Markets — Gundeldingen

Saturday, 25 June

Neighborhood flea markets have become very popular in the last few years, with more and more neighborhoods joining in the fun during the months of April to October.
On this day, a neighborhood flea market will be held in the Gundeldingen neighborhood. You will find flea-market stalls from private sellers throughout the neighborhood. Go from building to building to discover precious finds while getting unique views into courtyards and gardens. Colorful balloons will be hanging at the different participating locations.
Visit the official website, print the map, and start the treasure hunt!
This year’s edition of the Gundeldingen flea market will be complemented by a children’s flea market and refreshment stand on the Liesbergermatte from 14:00-18:00. In cooperation with Robi Spielaktionen, kids will be able to hold their own flea market, uncomplicated and without registration. Just drop by and set up your own stand of children's items; stand set-up starts at 13:00.


4053 Basel

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