Neues Orchester Basel — Venezianische Klänge (Venetian Sounds)

19:00 | 17:00

Neues Orchester Basel, along with the Kantorei St. Arbogast Muttenz, soprano Aline DuPasquier, alto Christina Metz, and violinist David Castro-Balbi will be performing a program with works by Antonio Vivaldi. Let yourself be transported to Vivaldi's Venice! Experience the cheerful, contrasting "Gloria in D," the joyful song of praise "Magnificat," and the profound Royal Psalm 110 set to music in "Dixit Dominus," performed by the St. Arbogast choir, soloists, and the Neues Orchester Basel. A violin concerto sets a counterpoint to the choral works with virtuoso violin solos and a dance-like finale. The unmistakable style of the famous baroque composer can be heard and felt in every note of the entire concert.
Tickets are CHF 30-65 for adults and CHF 15-50 for students.


Martinskirchplatz 4
4051 Basel

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