“New Piano Sounds” — Sendecki & Spiegel / Vincent Meissner Trio

Gare du Nord
© steven haberland
Friday, 03 May

The New York Village Voice called Vladyslav Sendecki one of the world’s five most important current jazz pianists, and Al Jarreau agreed, ranking him among the greatest pianists of the last 100 years. Jürgen Spiegel, in turn, has been the driving rhythmic power and sensitive sound painter of the world-renowned Tingvall Trio for more than 15 years. In addition, he has made a name for himself over the past few years as a producer for various music and video projects. On this evening, poetry meets dynamics, virtuosity meets subtle dialog, and freedom meets the exchange of emotions. Over the last 4 years, the brilliant duo has released two CDs that have garnered great attention; their brand new album is called “Solace.”
The Vincent Meissner Trio has been called “a new hope for German jazz” and “a band that will take off like a rocket.” Meissner’s debut album “Bewegtes Feld”(2021) was produced by his mentor Michael Wollny, when the pianist was just 20 years old but had already received numerous prizes. And that was even though due to the Covid pandemic, his young, acoustic piano trio had only had few opportunities to present their rich material, all of which had been composed by the band’s leader, at live concerts and to further refine it. This has changed by now, and you can hear on their new album “Willen” that the trio has moved closer together and has enhanced their joy of playing together.
Tickets are CHF 37.20 and CHF 60.60.


Gare du Nord
Schwarzwaldallee 200
4058 Basel

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