Night Adventure for Kids

Merian Gärten
Thursday, 26 May

There is rustling in the bushes; a bushy tail disappears in the dark. Nighttime at the Merian gardens normally belongs to the wild animals. But on this evening, children ages 8-11 are invited to spend one whole night in the garden with the animals—tracking them, reading their tracks, evaluating their observations like a researcher, cooking over a fire, and sleeping outside under the stars. For 24 hours, children are completely immersed in a fascinating nature experience in which they discover the natural world right on their doorstep. They explore their interest in biology and playfully come into contact with scientific thinking. The exciting experience of spending the night outdoors ensures a particularly lasting impression, which not only promotes their relationship with nature but also expands personal and social skills.
The event will take place from 13:00 on Thursday, May 26, to 13:00 on Friday, May 27; drop-off and pick-up are at Lehmhaus. Visit their website for more detailed information on how to sign up and what to bring.
Cost is CHF 60, which includes snacks, dinner, and lunch. Register at


Merian Gärten
Vorder Brüglingen 5
4052 Basel

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