Now, Wouldn’t That Be Iconic

Ausstellungsraum Klingental
Ongoing Event
Sun., 11 February until Sun., 17 March

In “Now, Wouldn’t That be Iconic,” artists Anina Müller, Jennifer Merlyn Scherler, and Ramona Kortyka engage in different ways of exploring cultural techniques that are mostly read as feminine, and that are located in pop-cultural contexts.
Müller and Merlyn Scherler are working as a duo for the first time. They investigate the question of how (filmic) images and fictional characters influence our view of the world and our body movements and gestures. Their works are in reference to user-generated content of fan communities, which is characterized by a certain belief in the permeability of the screen.
Kortyka examines the significance of “soft skills” in the arrangement of her works. Soft skills are often associated with emotional intelligence and empathy. They are the basis for human relationships and are the unnamed factors of personal and professional success. In her work of drawings, videos, and handicrafts, the immeasurable soft connection of compassion and emotional power is rendered visible."


Ausstellungsraum Klingental
Kasernenstrasse 23
4058 Basel