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Volkshaus Basel
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Tuesday, 30 April

The International Ocean Film Tour shows the best sea documentaries and immersive water-sports action of the year. This year’s edition—Volume 10—will again present important topics at the right time.
The oceans are wild, they are fun, they are a habitat and a lifeline, and they are endangered. The Ocean Film Tour always tries to represent this broad spectrum in their program, because understanding is only possible in its entirety and understanding is the key to protecting and preserving this basis of all life on our Earth. This impulse is experiencing a very special development this year. In the film “The Return to Antarctica,” Sea Shepherd draws attention to krill overfishing in Antarctica. This is still legal and is literally destroying the foundation of the marine ecosystem in Antarctica. Life is also the right keyword for the film “Havana Libre.” Frank is Cuban and a passionate surfer. The film shows how Frank fights for a life in which he can freely pursue his passion, because surfing was still forbidden in communist-influenced Cuba at the time the film was shot. The film is even more explosive in an Olympic year in which surfing is only part of the games for the second time.
But this year's Ocean Film Tour has much more to offer. Bjørn Dunkerbeck, a living legend of surfing, is chasing records, and ice swimmer Melissa Kegler not only has to contend with the pitfalls of cold water, but also with those of our superficial society. The Ocean has never been more relevant. The program includes five films with a total length of around 120 minutes; including moderation and supporting program, the event lasts between 2.5 and 3 hours.
Tickets are CHF 27 for adults and CHF 23 for students.


Volkshaus Basel
Rebgasse 12-14
4058 Basel

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