Open-Air Circus Spectacle


On this weekend, the YOUNG STAGE circus festival will be once again be presenting an open air circus spectacle that will appeal to young and old alike. Breathtaking acrobatics invite you to linger and marvel at Barfüsserplatz. The event should take place in the event of light rain, but may be postponed or cancelled in the event of very bad weather.

AVITAL & JOCHEN will perform both days at 13:00 and 16:00. They come from Germany and are an unbeatable team not only in life but also on stage. Humor, live music, and impressive technology merge in their breathtaking show. Trust and harmonious cooperation form the basis for a unique appearance. The performance combines live music, comedy, aerial acrobatics, straps, and juggling. In the finale, Avital & Jochen fly 9 meters high and present an elegant choreography. Their duo trapeze act secured them the silver medal at the 2014 Festival Du Cirque De Demain in Paris, and they have been delighting audiences around the world for 8 years.

COMPANY AFTERCLAP will perform both days at 13:45 and 16:45. “Red Hot Condition” is a 30-minute Lycra performance by the contemporary circus company “Afterclap.” The show humorously tackles the fitness boom and the pressure to look good by combining contemporary circus and physical comedy. Founded in 2019 by Nelli Kujansivu and Aaron Hakala from Finland, the show offers first-class circus with live funk music; takes the audience into the colorful 80s era; and combines passion for circus, comedy, irony, and playfulness. “Red Hot Condition” is their first presented show.

ARAMELO will perform at 15:30 and 17:15 on both days. Two acrobats discover the trampoline as a playful object and the endless possibilities to use this device in their own unique way. The contrast between the two characters and their extraordinary way of combining partner acrobatics and trampoline tricks gives this number many humorous and surprising moments. It is an enchanting duet from Germany and Luxembourg, accompanied by uplifting music and impressive stunts, that is spectacular for both adults and children.

DUO LAOS will perform from at 15:15 and18:00 on both days. Immerse yourself in the fascinating 30-minute performance of “Otros Aires” by the Duo Laos from Argentina. Not only does the duo share an impressive cultural diversity, but also the survival skills of instability and flexibility. Experience a journey beyond conventional boundaries and enjoy the extraordinary synergy of acrobatics, tango, and humor. “Otros Aires” is more than a show; it is an immersion into the artistic world of Duo Laos, characterized by grace, passion and a touch of comedy.

CIRCUS PARCOURS FOR KIDS! From 13:00-18:00 on both days, kids can try out a wide variety of disciplines and become circus stars themselves. They can balance, juggle, play diabolo under the guidance of real circus professionals, and immerse themselves deeply in the world of the circus.

MOBILE CIRCUS TROUPE will be moving through the streets of Basel from 13:00-18:00 on Saturday only. They are free, creative and incredibly talented! The mobile, international YOUNG STAGE Circus troupe, which moves through the streets of Basel, will inspire young and old alike for the circus. With live music and waving flags, the group will perform at popular places in Basel and will amaze their audiences.

All shows are free, but there will be a collection, and you can also support the Open-Air Circus Spectacle via Twint!


4051 Basel

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