Open Classics on the Rhein — Classics for Everyone

Inseli Rheinfelden
Saturday, 13 August

On August 12 and 13, the Hochrhein Music Festival is organizing the first edition of the open-air festival "Open Classics am Rhein" on the Rhein Inseli (small island) between Rheinfelden/Switzerland and Rheinfelden/Germany. The Inseli, which can be reached from the bridge between the two Rheinfelden, represents the geographical border between the two cities and the countries. This unique location in the middle of the Rhein and the natural limitation of the playable area make the place an ideal open-air stage. The combination of classical music and the direct experience of nature will ensure unforgettable concerts at the Open Classics am Rhein. The motto of the concerts is "Longing for Italy."
On this Saturday morning, the Youth Symphony Orchestra Aargau, with conductor Hugo Bollschweiler, will be performing works by Schubert (“The Magic Harp,” D 644, and the Overture in C major to “Rosamunde”) and Stravinsky (Symphony in E flat major, op. 1 “The Firebird”) as well as a concerto for klezmer band and orchestra.
Tickets are free but there will be a collection; seating can be selected online.


Inseli Rheinfelden
Habich-Dietschy-Strasse 10
4310 Rheinfelden

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