Open House Basel 2024

Various Locations
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Sat 27.04. | Sun 28.04.

“Open House” is a simple but powerful concept to showcase outstanding architecture for all to experience, completely free of charge. The initiative invites everyone to explore and debate the value of a well-designed built environment. The concept has been established in more than 40 locations around the world, including Athens, Barcelona, Chicago, Dublin, Jerusalem, London, Melbourne, New York, and Rome. This year, Basel-Stadt and Baselland will be hosting their sixth edition of this celebration of architecture. On this weekend, doors will be opened throughout the city to show visitors outstanding architecture from various time periods. Throughout the day, there will be free guided tours of over 100 buildings and outdoor spaces at private homes and apartments, churches, libraries, museums, offices, schools, studios, theaters, workshops, and more; note that the different buildings may have individual opening hours. You can get a good impression of all open buildings under “Program” on their website, which also lists the times of the various tours. You can view them as a list as well as on a map that you can print out.
About three weeks before the event, you can register and create your own log-in account that will provide you with up-to-date information and last-minute changes throughout the event and to make reservations for specific events and tours. To create your itinerary, click on “PROGRAM” then on “GALLERY” to see the 100 buildings. For each one you wish to visit, click on the “my choice” yellow star. Be sure to give yourself enough time to get from one building to the next and to make a proper visit of each. To help in this planning, click on “MAP” to see the location/proximity of the buildings on the map, and on “PROGRAM” to see the opening hours, the times of tours without registration, tours with registration, multilingual tours, and additional activities. So, log in and start planning your weekend by putting together your personal favorites, from the BIS and Roche towers to the Meret Oppenheim Hochhaus, the water tower in Allschwil, and the Hadid Pavillon in Weil am Rhein. Many new and unknown impressions are awaiting the visitors. No matter your background, everyone is invited! This year, they have also gathered a group of volunteers who will offer numerous English-language tours in some of the most interesting buildings on the program. Tours in other languages are available on demand. For more information, see
Also check out their program for “Open House Kids,” which offers a wide range of opportunities for children and families to playfully explore buildings and outdoor spaces. The fun starts with the Open House Kids trading cards: They are available at all buildings marked with the “Kids” symbol in the program and contain various questions for an individual exploration tour. They can be used at most houses! In addition, there are activities to join in at individual locations. At every place where the children fill out a collection card or take part in an activity, they get a stamp on their stamp card after participating. In the raffle that follows, they can win a main prize for the whole family or other great prizes.
The Open House Basel PLUS+ supporting program pursues a broad architectural discourse on the weekend of the Open House Basel, as well as in the week leading up to the event. For special exhibitions, visits, conversations, workshops, bike tours, and even concerts, check out the program and reserve your free spot now at


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