Open Mic

Parterre One
Wed 25.10. | Wed 29.11. | Wed 13.12. | Wed 31.01. | Wed 28.02. | Wed 27.03. | Wed 24.04. | Wed 29.05.

Do you consider yourself a singer‐songwriter? Would you like to play your first gig on a real stage? Or would you like to consolidate and expand your stage experience? If so, the Open Mic at Parterre One is exactly the right place for you! They offer you the opportunity to take yourself, your talent, and your songs directly from your living room to the Parterre One stage and present them to a welcoming and open audience. Legion Seven moderates the evening with lots of charm, musical know‐how, and great empathy. Just sign up today—the audience is looking forward to you and your songs! Write an email to Open Mic is real and easy and always an adventure, so why not join the fun! There will be songwriters from all over Switzerland, not just locals.
Entrance is free, but there will be a collection to cover the costs of hosting the event.


Parterre One
Klybeckstrasse 1b
4057 Basel

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