Rheinklang. A Choir Ritual

17:45-18:15 (17:30 on Sept. 9)

As a symbol of exploited nature, the Rhein plays a central role in Richard Wagner’s monumental opera cycle, “Der Ring der Nibelungen,” which will be performed in Basel over the next 2 years. The electronic composer Matthew Herbert brings the water of the Rhein to the Theaterplatz, sounding and in various states of aggregation. The sounds from the river mix with singing from the choir and extra choir of Theater Basel as well as amateur choirs from the Basel region. The choral performance is the prelude to Wagner's “Rheingold,” with which the cycle begins. The 30-minute “Rheinklang — Ein Chorritual” can be experienced outdoor in Theaterplatz before every performance of “Das Rheingold.”
Admission is free.


4051 Basel

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