“Oriental Night” — Burhan Öçal Istanbul Project / Shalosh

EBL Elefantehuus, Liestal
Sunday, 05 May

Three musicians build a bridge across the Bosporus. Burhan Öçal’s Turkish rhythms join with melodious European jazz and the powerfully pulsing beat of the cultural melting pot London. Three extraordinary musicians have found each other! Öçal has Swiss-Turkish dual citizenship. In addition to Turkish percussion instruments such as darbuka and bendir, he has mastered the traditional string instruments saz and oud. He grew up with the music of the Osman empire. He will be accompanied by the amazing bassist Heiri Känzig from Switzerland and pianist Alex Wilson from London.
The catchy groove and distinct melodies that characterize the typical Shalosh sound are back, as is the compact trinity, which is already expressed in the band’s name (which means “three” in Hebrew). Each of the three musicians, who live close to each other in Tel Aviv, introduces their musical preferences jazz, classic, grunge, rock, techno, or folk into their shared organism, which condenses the elements into a tension-laden whole. They have refined this in exhilarating concerts around the world, without underestimating their audience. This music equally targets the heart, the brain, and the legs!
Tickets are CHF 40.20 and 66.70.


EBL Elefantehuus
Mühlemattstrasse 6

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