Patrik Jansson Band

Atlantis Basel
Friday, 26 April

Singer, guitarist, drummer, composer, and producer Patrik Jansson was born in the small town of Gävle in the middle of Sweden. He started playing drums at an early age and in his early twenties he moved to Stockholm to study music and pursue a career in the music business. He also started playing piano, bass, and guitar and got more and more into songwriting and playing the blues.
A lot has happened since the start of his career in 2007 and since his first record, and it becomes even clearer when you listen to Jansson’s latest record. It’s a heavier, darker and more mature band you'll be hearing. "I´ve put a lot of time and effort into making this record and I really try to make my music mean something. I try to write songs that make you feel something, songs that matter and I believe we've gotten closer to that goal with every new record. And I think you will hear it when you have a listen,” Jansson says.
Tickets are CHF 35 in advance and CHF 40 at the door.


Atlantis Basel
Klosterberg 13
4051 Basel

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